Tours for Schools

Our programs can be adapted to accommodate different grade levels. To book a visit, contact us at or 867-767-9347 ext. 71245.

Early Years

Northern Animals

Science and Natural History
Meet a full-size, inflatable bowhead whale. An introduction to a host of Arctic and Subarctic animals intended for JK to Grade 1 audiences.

Winter Travel

Social Studies and Northern History
Re-enact a real-life story by Alfred Masazumi of survival in the snow and learn about tradition and modern modes of winter travel, including snowshoes, dog teams, snowmobiles, and airplanes.

Early and Elementary

Muskrats and People

Social Studies and Northern History
A Dene legend/puppet show and gallery tour tell the story of how muskrats survive winter and how important they are to the people of the NWT.

Animal Adaptations

Science and Natural History
Students will learn how animals living in the NWT adapt to their environment in this interactive program.

Animal Detective

Science and Natural History
What does fox scat look like? Who left those tracks in the snow? Student detectives will find answers to these and other winter-time mysteries. Winter attire required.

Elementary and Secondary

Ice Age in the NWT

Science and Natural History 
Students will learn about Beringia and Ice Age mammals of the North, including a 13 000 year old Steppe Bison currently on display at the museum. Also includes an all-ages Ice Age hunting activity!

Who are the Yellowknives Dene? 

Social Studies and Northern History 
Have a Yellowknives Dene educator guide you on a tour of a museum exhibit that tells all about Yellowknife’s original residents. Includes an interactive auditorium program.

Inuvialuit or Dene Lifeways 

Social Studies and Northern History
Take a closer look at the traditional lives of the Inuvialuit or Dene through artifacts, gallery tour and activities.

Archaeology – We dig it! 

Natural History
Learn about real NWT archaeology and get your hands dirty in a simulated excavation!

Birds and Bugs

Science and Natural History
Use binoculars or magnifying glasses to identify northern birds and bugs in the ponds around the museum.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum

Natural History, Northern History and Social Studies 
The PWNHC collects photographs, records, objects, works of art and natural specimens that represent all cultures and regions of the Northwest Territories. Tours of the Heritage Centre Collection Storeroom and/or NWT Archives can be arranged for groups of a limited number.

Paddle with the Voyageurs

Social Studies and Northern History
Learn about the life of voyageurs during the fur trade in the NWT and experience paddling a voyageur canoe! Bookings accepted starting in May 2023.


Tundra Science and Culture Camp 

Social Studies and Northern History 

Northern Studies

Social Studies and Northern History