Edukits for Schools

Loans up to two weeks, two kits per loan. Free shipping outside of Yellowknife, within the NWT.

Early Years

Being Birds

This costume edukit allows students to slip into the skin of a raven, eagle, ptarmigan, loon or snowy owl. Includes age appropriate stories and legends. 

Dress Like Me 

In this kit, you’ll find child-sized clothing to match outfits worn by dolls representing the various cultures of the NWT. Also includes archival photos and children’s books.

Early and Elementary

Traditional Winter Travel 

Put a traditional harness and a modern one on a life-size dog and learn why winter travelling was so important for the people of the North. Includes teacher and student guides, photos, books, and CDs. 

Northern Puppet Show

Animal and human puppets, traditional stories and legends: everything you need to put on your own classroom show! 

A Package of Pelts

Match furs to photos and learn about a variety of Northern animals. 

Let’s Go Camping

Get out on the land without leaving your classroom! Includes everything you’d find at a bush camp: 4’ x 5’ canvas tent, fish, fire, cooking pots and bushes thick with juicy, local berries.

Elementary and Secondary

Trapping is … 

This edukit looks at different aspects of trapping as well as the biology and conservation of fur bearing animals. Includes furs, secured traps, and resource materials.

The Įdaà Trail Kit

Learn about Dene fishing technology, stone toolmaking, archaeology and birch bark canoe-making through a video, slide show, replicas, legends and a teacher guide. 

Fur Trade - Changing Times in the NWT

Through videos, trade items, archival photos and a teacher guide, students will learn about the fur trade from the 1700s to today. 


Known by other names in different Dene languages, this legendary hero travelled throughout Denendeh. Learn about his travels and teachings using maps, story CDs, replicas, books, student journals, centre activities and more. 

Be a History Detective!

Explore archives and research techniques through props. Learn about primary and secondary sources of information and how to analyze them. A great preparatory lesson for Heritage Fairs! 

Inuvialuit or Dene Lifeways

Take a closer look at the traditional lives of the Inuvialuit or Dene through artifacts and activities.


Blanket Exercise Simulation

In this role-playing edukit, a narrated script guides students through over 500 years of colonial history from the perspective of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Includes all materials, introductory slideshow and teacher guide. 

The Blanket Exercise can trigger powerful emotional responses for many participants. It is essential, when hosting or facilitating a Blanket Exercise, to involve an experienced facilitator, elder and counsellor. Please call the Curator of Education for suggestions of whom to contact in your community.

All Ages

Northern Games 

Learn about the importance of games and recreation in different northern cultures. Includes games, instructional manuals, and photographs.