Museum Collections

The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre houses the museum collection of the Government of the Northwest Territories. The Collections Section is responsible for the management of the museum collection. We acquire objects, specimens and works of art that represent all cultures and regions of the Northwest Territories. We document the collection and preserve it in a secure environment according to museum standards. We make the collection accessible to people by helping researchers and visitors see and study it.

The museum collection includes paintings, sculptures, clothing, hunting and working tools, geological samples and many other items illustrating the history of the NWT.

The Northern Heritage Centre is also a repository for archaeological artifacts collected in the Northwest Territories. This means we receive, organize and store collections obtained by archaeologists.

Contact Us

We are pleased to answer inquiries about the museum collection and assist visitors to use collection information and view objects.

If you are interested in donating an object, please email or call the Manager of Museum Collections at (867) 767-9347 ext. 71485.