About the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre


The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC) is operated by the Culture and Heritage Division of the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, Government of the Northwest Territories. Although the centre is widely known as the territorial museum, it is also home to the NWT Archives, as well as housing other Culture and Heritage Division functions such as funding programs, geographic names, and archaeology research and permitting. School programs, talks, and various events are hosted and delivered free of charge as part of museum services.

The PWNHC also administers various educational programs, online exhibits, and technical support across the Northwest Territories in order to support culture and heritage activities of its residents.


To explore, preserve, and share the unique stories of the NWT with the world.


To be a centre of excellence that presents and enriches northern culture – a place where visitors, community members, and researchers can explore the past, present and future of the NWT.


The concept for the territorial museum was approved by the Government of the Northwest Territories in 1972, as a result of concern over the loss of northern artifacts and collections and the need to provide museum services and support throughout the Northwest Territories (which then included the Easter Arctic). Building began shortly after, and as it neared completion in 1977, then Commissioner of the NWT, Stuart Hodgson suggested it be named after HRH Prince of Wales. The facility was opened by the Prince of Wales himself on April 3rd, 1979.


Partnership and Respect

Our work is done with community partners. We practice cooperation and respect.


We work hard to make our collections, exhibitions, programs and services accessible to all.


We invite visitors and residents of the NWT to participate and explore.


We care for the heritage resources that have been entrusted to us.


We seek new ways to connect people to their culture and heritage, and help them share their compelling stories with others.