Tundra Science and Culture Camp 2016

Daring Lake

Tundra Science and Culture Camp (TSCC) is a summer outdoor environmental education program for high school students and teachers in the Northwest Territories (NWT). The program runs from July 25 – August 3, 2016 at Daring Lake. Students work closely with a variety of instructors including scientists, environmental educators, on-site researchers and Tlicho elders. The focus is on learning about the land from both scientific and aboriginal perspectives.

  • Spend ten action-packed and fun-filled days on the tundra!
  • Work closely with scientists
  • Learn from Tlicho elders their way of knowing the land and traditional skills
  • Experience field research techniques in ecology, botany, geology, archeology, biology, birds, fish and more
  • Learn about the land
  • Share with other students. Learn together and from each other

Who can participate?

Up to sixteen high school students and three teachers are accepted at Tundra Science and Culture Camp annually. Preference is given to students who have completed Science 10 or the equivalent. Selection criteria includes a recommendation from the school liaison.