Seventh book released in The Land is Our Storybook series

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Yellowknife (March 23, 2012) – At the Heart of It, the seventh book in The Land is Our Storybook series, was launched at the Prince Of Wales Northern Heritage Centre with authors Mindy Willett and Raymond Taniton.

The Land is Our Storybook series includes books for children that feature stories and culture from each of the traditional language groups in the Northwest Territories. Yellowknifer Mindy Willett has worked with storytellers, Elders and cultural leaders in communities across the Northwest Territories, as well as photographer Tessa MacIntosh, highlighting richly textured pictures of life in the North today. At the Heart of It was produced with former Grand Chief Raymond Taniton, and tells the story of the Sahtugot’ine, the people of Great Bear Lake.“Ms. Willett and her co-authors have produced a tremendous series of books for children that showcase the Aboriginal cultural groups of the Northwest Territories,” said the Honourable Jackson Lafferty, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment.

“Projects of this nature help revitalize our many languages and cultures, and contribute to our efforts to maintain and preserve our traditional lifestyles for future generations.”

At the Heart of It is available in the Yellowknife Book Cellar, along with the other books in the series.

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