Qilalukkat: Beluga Whales First Of Diorama Exhibit Series On Display At Prince Of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Museum Alive! Open House

Yellowknife (November 10, 2009) — A life-like diorama of mother and calf beluga whales swimming in the Beaufort Sea is fast becoming a favourite attraction for visitors to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC).The exhibit is called Qilalukkat: Beluga Whales. It features a touch-screen display with video and audio presentations showing the link between the Inuvialuit people and the land.

Qilalukkat: Beluga Whales is one of many Voices of the Land exhibits planned for the North and South galleries. Voices of the Land displays include life-like dioramas of Northern landscapes, touch-screen presentations and artifact displays. To ensure cultural and scientific accuracy, new material for the museum is based on a story-centred approach developed in consultation with traditional knowledge experts, scientists and community members.

Upcoming dioramas include muskrat on the Mackenzie Delta, migrating water fowl in the Slave River Delta, taiga shield with rocks, lichen and various bird species, moose near the Mackenzie River, fish species and ice break up in Great Bear Lake, barren-land caribou, bull muskoxen on Banks Island and a polar bear on winter sea ice.

Dioramas are not the only recent additions to the museum. Over the last 25 years archaeologists made many exciting discoveries in the Northwest Territories (NWT), and over 250 Inuvialuit artifacts are now on display in a new exhibit, Kuukpak: Ingilraan, A Long Time Ago. The artifacts represent nearly three decades of archaeological research led by Dr. Charles Arnold, former director of the PWNHC.

To increase accessibility to exhibits and collections for NWT residents living outside Yellowknife, the PWNHC is digitizing its records and display information to create on-line databases and virtual exhibits. This includes the addition of thousands of digitized photographs and new displays accessible on the museum’s website athttps://www.pwnhc.ca

The collection and renewal of exhibits at the PWNHC supports the GNWT’s ongoing work to promote the NWT as a premier place to live and visit. It is part of the Government’s initiative to Maximize Opportunities for NWT residents though a diversified economy and investments in the tourism sector.

For more information, or to request photos of the exhibit, contact:

Amy Doerksen
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