That’s the Way We Lived

“In 1984, a project was begun by the Fort Resolution Education Authority to record the oral histories of the elders of Fort Resolution. Seventeen elders very kindly agreed to share their memories and their stories with the project. What followed was a lengthy process of interviews. All, but two of the elders, answered questions in Chipewyan. The Chipewyan tapes were then translated into English by interpreters. The English tapes were transcribed word for word then edited and rearranged into various subjects, which now appear in this book.

Since 1984, when the information was collected, four of the elders have passed away. This book will help us to remember the lives that they led, their memories and thoughts. Their comments on the way they lived will be with us forever. That’s The Way We Lived is dedicated to our elders.”

– Gail Beaulieu, Fort Resolution

This landmark publication was scanned from the original and published to the web by PWNHC staff.

© 1987 Government of the Northwest Territories

Nahe Gondıé Goghánídle – Sharing our Stories