Staff Picks

In 2012, six mini-exhibits were produced to highlight objects and documents from the Museum Collections and NWT Archives:

  1. Permafrost Snapshot: Objects from a 2500-year-old archaeological site on Banks Island.
  2. Everyday Objects: A selection of  from Mary Gruben’s sewing collection.
  3. The Tremain Collection: Dene and Métis clothing from the early 1900s, returned to the NWT by Gwen Tremain Runyard.
  4. Dene Hand Games: A collection of archival photos and video on the famous NWT pastime.
  5. John Hornby: Artifacts and letters from the famous and ill-fated adventurer of the early 20th century.
  6. The Lure of the Nahanni: A look at the Nahanni through the eyes of a few of its famous residents, Albert Faille and the Kraus family.
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