Courtesy T. Andrews/GNWT

Courtesy T. Andrews/GNWT

Old Anglican Church of Tulita Territorial Historic Site

Statement of Significance

The Old Anglican Church and lot in Tulita is a territorially designated historic site. It is a single story log building with a gable roof and wooden steeple.

Built in c. 1880 by Allan Hardisty, this church is one of the oldest standing buildings in the Northwest Territories. The dovetailed log structure is an excellent example of the building style of the time, as well as fin craftsmanship. Its historical association with the Church of England is a testament to early Anglican missionary activities in Northern Canada. Legendary Anglican missionaries, such as Bishop William Carpenter Bompass, are also associated with the site. Located on the former Hudson’s Bay lot in the historic centre of the community, the old Anglican Church speaks to the era of early contact between Europeans and northern Aboriginal people, and the establishment of the church, and commerce that came with it.

  • Wooden materials
  • Dovetailed craftsmanship
  • Simple log frame style and massing
  • Elements relating to its function as a church
  • Its original location in the historic centre of Tulita
  • Government of the Northwest Territories. Historical Resources Act R.R.N.W.T. 1990,c.H-39. Yellowknife, 2006.