Man’s summer outfit

The striking white caribou skin, the broad fringed chest band of porcupine quills, the tapered shirttails, and the moccasin-pants are characteristic of early Gwich’in clothing. Quill wrapped fringes brighten the mittens and knife sheath while the shirt fringes are decorated with silverberry seeds and black glass beads. This outfit was probably reserved for important social or ceremonial occasions.

Shirt Dimension: 1245 x 510 mm
Trouser-moccasins Dimension: 1100 x 512 mm
Knife Sheath Dimension: 320 x 120 mm
Mittens Dimension: 245 x 130 mm

Provenance: Gwich’in

Given by Rev. W. Kirkby, Fort Simpson, 1860

Number: National Museums of Scotland A.564 A-D