Courtesy E. Hawkins/GNWT

Courtesy E. Hawkins/GNWT

Fireweed Studio: City of Yellowknife Heritage Site

Statement of Significance

The Fireweed Studio is a City of Yellowknife Heritage Site. It is a single story log frame building. The quaint little log structure was relocated from Giant Mine in 1973 to 5210-49th Avenue in downtown Yellowknife to serve as the City’s first tourist centre. The building reflects the style of many old mining camps throughout the NWT.

This building is a fine example of early log construction in Yellowknife, constructed in the early 1930s on Giant Mine property. It originally served as a powder magazine shed (1938-1973), before being relocated to Yellowknife to serve as a tourist information centre (1978-1992). It currently serves as an artist’s studio and retail outlet. An attractive, well-kept, nicely weathered building, it has been a continuous part of life in Yellowknife since the 1930s. Today, in its location on City Hall grounds, it is a familiar landmark and symbol of Yellowknife’s early years.

The heritage character of the Fireweed Studio is defined by:

  • the well-aged and weathered patina of the building’s exterior materials, in particular its wood
  • the mass, form and general disposition of the building
  • the saddle joint log construction of the exterior walls
  • the elements, configuration, layout and textures of the early structure, including but not limited to its one-room layout and simple wood door and frame

City of Yellowknife By-Law 3925

Yellowknife Historical Building Inventory 2013, City of Yellowknife