Kennady North Property Archaeological Impact Assessment

Brent Murphy/Brad Novecosky (NWT Archaeologist’s Permit 2015-022)

In September 2015, Golder Associates Ltd. (Golder) conducted an archaeological survey on behalf of Aurora Geosciences Ltd. (Aurora Geosciences) for the Kennady North Property located approximately 280 km east-northeast of Yellowknife, NT. The survey was completed under Class 2 Archaeologist Permit 2015-022. The field crew consisted of Brent Murphy and Jessica Hill of Golder as well as Richard Abel of Łutselk’e Dene First Nation.

The objective of the 2015 archaeological survey was to examine potential seasonal road and camp options necessary for ongoing diamond exploration activities. The archaeological investigation included a combination of low level helicopter and pedestrian survey of areas of high potential along road corridors as well as potential camp options adjacent to Kelvin Lake.

Over the course of the three day field program, 11 previously recorded archaeological sites were revisited and 11 new archaeological sites were recorded. The revisited sites consist of seven lithic scatters, two isolated finds, a lookout and one instance of axe-cut trees. The newly recorded sites consist of nine small lithic scatters and two isolated finds. No diagnostic tools were identified at any of the sites during the 2015 fieldwork.

As a result of the archaeological reconnaissance and inventory, the location of each site will be incorporated into future project planning and exploration activities on the Kennady North Property.

(Edited by Shelley Crouch, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)