Archaeological Impact Assessment of Courageous Lake Project

Lisa Seip (NWT Archaeologist’s Permit 2013-004)

Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. conducted an archaeological impact assessment for Seabridge Gold Inc.’s Courageous Lake Project under Northwest Territories Class #2 Archaeologist’s Permit 2013-004 in June of 2013. These investigations were a continuation of baseline studies conducted in 2010, 2011 and 2012, under Northwest Territories Class #2 Archaeologist’s Permits 2010-015, 2011-006, and 2012-002, respectively. Lisa Seip directed the field work and was assisted by archaeologist Sheriff Hossain, also of Rescan Environmental Services Ltd., and by Ernie Sangris of the Yellowknives Dene. Investigations focused on the assessment of three proposed drill target locations.

The objective of the investigation was to identify sites that may potentially be impacted by proposed drill targets. Pedestrian surveys were conducted, focusing on areas considered to have moderate to high archaeological potential.

A total of 15 archaeological sites were identified within the drill target areas. Nine of these sites were previously recorded sites (LbNw-1 LaNv-4, LaNv-11, LaNv-21, LaNv-43, LaNv-47, LaNv-48, LaNv-89, and LaNv-90), and six were recorded under permit 2013-004 (LaNv-102, LaNv-103, LaNv-104, LaNv-105, LaNv-106 and LaNv-107).

Of the 15 archaeological sites in the area examined in 2013 ten are prehistoric and include one resource gathering site (LaNv-47), five sites consisting of lithic material (LaNv-11, LaNv-43, LaNv-89, LaNv-90, and LaNv-106) and four markers (cairns and inuksuit; LaNv-48, LaNv-103, LaNv-104, and LaNv-107). Three historic sites (LbNw-1, LaNv-4, and La-Nv106) have been recorded including a campsite, and mineral exploration campsite, and a windbreak for a hearth feature in close proximity to core boxes. Two sites, both markers (LaNv-21 and LaNv-102) are of undetermined antiquity.

The selection of proposed drill pad locations within the drill target areas will take into account the location of the archaeological sites and avoid them. No impacts to any of the sites are anticipated.

(Edited by Morgan Moffitt, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)