MGM Energy Corp. MGM East Mackay Two Well Horizontal Project

Tommy Y. Ng (NWT Archaeologist’s Permit 2012-014)

On behalf of MGM Energy Corp., Bison Historical Services Ltd. conducted an heritage resource survey for the proposed MGM East Mackay Two Well Horizontal Project within the exploration licence area of EL466 within the Tulita District of the Sahtu Region. The exploration licence area is located within the Mackenzie Plain, which is south of the Hamlet of Tulita and on the south side of the Mackenzie River.

During the 2012/2013 winter season, MGM Energy Corp. plans to drill one vertical wellsite and one horizontal wellsite, both of which are 300 m apart from each other. Additionally, MGM plan to construct two future petroleum horizontal wellsites in the general area. Despite what is shown in Figure 1, the proposed project does not include the staging area and construction campsite; they will be constructed on the north side of the Mackenzie River.

The heritage resource survey for the MGM East Mackay Two Well Horizontal Project was conducted at eight locales, which included the two 2012/2013 petroleum (vertical and horizontal) wellsites and the general locales for two additional future (2014) horizontal well sites. Also included is a heritage resource survey of four new access cuts crossing bodies of water and connecting separate segments of the existing access route. All of these developments are located along an existing access route.

Personnel of Bison Historical Services Ltd., based in Calgary, Alberta, assisted by a wildlife monitor and local advisor from the Tulita Renewable Resources Council, conducted the heritage resources survey from August 20 to 22, 2012. The heritage resource survey was based out of Norman Wells and included a helicopter overflight and a pedestrian reconnaissance accompanied by the excavation of shovel tests within the proposed project area. Pedestrian investigations focused on areas that were appraised to have high to moderate potential for new heritage resources within the confines of the proposed project area. A total of 105 shovel tests were conducted and all were negative of artifacts. No new heritage resource sites were identify and there are no previously documented heritage resource sites within the general vicinity of the proposed project area.

It is recommended that the proposed MGM East Mackay Two Well Horizontal Project be granted approval to proceed with development.  Regarding the North and South Areas of Interest, the proponent assured the permit holder that the two future horizontal petroleum wellsites will be placed 200 m away from the drainages and lakes.  Landforms that are considered to be locales of high heritage resource potential within these areas of interest.  This recommendation is subject to the approval from the Government of Northwest Territories through the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

(Edited by Shelley Crouch, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)