Archaeological Investigations for Tamerlane Ventures Inc.’s Pine Point Project

Daniel Walker (NWT Archaeologist’s Permit 2011-009)

In 2011, on behalf of Tamerlane Ventures Inc., Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. (Rescan) conducted archaeological investigations of the proposed Pine Point Project, located between Hay River and Fort Resolution, south of Great Slave Lake. Fieldwork was conducted from August 22-September 3 under snow free conditions. Daniel Walker directed the field investigations assisted by Rescan archaeologists Lisa Seip and Vanessa Neuman, and local community members Raymond Geroux (Deninu Kue First Nation), Jon Delorme (Fort Resolution Metis Council), and Gary Lobb (Hay River Metis Council). The main objective of this investigation was to identify, evaluate, and record any archaeological sites located within seven proposed deposit areas.

During pedestrian survey of the project area subsurface testing was conducted on terrain features determined to have the potential to contain cultural materials and at a sampling of areas determine to have low potential for containing cultural material to confirm that assessment. The archaeological investigation resulted in the recording of four new prehistoric archaeological sites containing lithic material created during stone tool production.

(Edited by Shelley Crouch, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)