Heritage Resources Impact Assessment, Proposed River Lake Quarry, NWT

Grant Clarke (NWT Archaeologist’s Permit 2010-020)

In September of 2010, Golder Associates Ltd. conducted a Heritage Resources Impact Assessment at a proposed quarry located approximately 20 km northeast of Yellowknife. Work was conducted on behalf of the City of Yellowknife, Department of Public Works and Engineering. The investigations were conducted to identify, record, and evaluate the proposed quarry location and a short seasonal access road for the presence of previously unrecorded archaeological sites and to provide recommendations to mitigate potential impacts if sites were identified.

The field crew for the assessment consisted of Grant Clarke of Golder Associates Ltd. (Yellowknife) and Peter Sangris of Detah. Procedures employed for this project are considered standard for projects of this nature in the region and entailed pre-field studies, on-ground reconnaissance, reporting and recommendation formulation. Project planning also included provisions for a representative of the local community to accompany the field crew during the field inspection and to provide advice regarding the nature and significance of the sites in the area.

No previously recorded sites were identified during the prefield site file search. Field investigations focused on areas exhibiting moderate to high potential for archaeological materials that may be impacted by the proposed development. A total of 43 shovel tests were excavated in an effort to identify any buried cultural materials or palaeosols. All of these tests were negative. A series of relatively old, sawed off tree stumps was observed in the western portion of the study area, but not formally recorded. While the stumps were not fresh cuts, no indication was present that they were of sufficient age to be recorded as an archaeological site. No archaeological sites were recorded as a result of the investigations.

(Edited by Shelley Crouch, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)