Archaeological Assessment, Proposed Winter Road from Snap Lake to Munn Lake, NWT

Grant Clarke (NWT Archaeologist’s Permit 2007-019)

In September 2007, Golder Associates Ltd. conducted a Heritage Resources Impact Assessment on a proposed winter road from Snap Lake to Munn Lake, NWT. Work was conducted on behalf of Tli‐cho Landtran Transport Ltd. in advance of the construction of a winter road. The purpose of the study was to identify, record, and evaluate heritage sites in potential conflict with proposed development activities, so that appropriate avoidance or mitigation measures could be incorporated into the plans for this project.

Procedures employed for this project were those considered standard for projects of this nature in the region. The majority of the proposed alignment is to be located on lake ice or within stream/creek beds that contain seasonal or permanent water. The western on‐land section lies within boulder strewn spillways consisting of uneven terrain with little to no sediment deposition. As such, much of the route consists of areas that are of low potential for the identification of heritage resources. All areas of high and moderate potential were assessed. The crew during the field inspection was comprised of Mr. Pete Enzoe of Lutsel K’e and Grant Clarke.

Three sites were identified during the prefield studies as being in the vicinity the proposed right‐of‐way. These include KjNu‐21, KjNt‐10 and KjNt‐11, each of which was revisited during the course of this assessment program. None of these sites are situated within the proposed right‐of‐way and will be avoided by the winter road. No new heritage resources were identified.

(Edited by Shelley Crouch, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)