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Yellowknife — April 26, 2022

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has launched the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre’s (PWNHC) Museum Art Collection online portal, featuring over 1,400 records and photos of artwork, including sculptures, paintings, prints, and textiles.

The new portal increases public access to the PWNHC’s holdings, which showcases and preserves Northwest Territories (NWT) arts, cultures, history, and heritage. Collected over the 40-year history of the PWNHC, the public can search through the art collection and view artwork created by over 200 northern, Canadian, and international circumpolar artists from the comfort of their home.

Providing access to the collection is extremely valuable for anyone seeking information about their cultural heritage as well as those interested in the diverse collections of northern and Indigenous objects stored at the PWNHC.

The website features information about the artwork and high-definition images that can be enlarged and examined in detail, searched by artist, culture, region, or date according to interests. The size of the collection will continue to grow and evolve as new art is acquired.

This project was made possible by the financial support of the Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage Museum Assistance Program.


“Northern art is closely linked to the history and identity of the territory, as well as its residents and communities. The online Museum Art Collection allows us to showcase the amazing works of art produced in the NWT and allows us to celebrate the artists who produced them. Art is inseparable from history and culture, and making northern art more accessible territorially, nationally, and internationally will help promote the natural and cultural beauty of the NWT and its people.”

– R.J. Simpson, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment

Quick facts

  • The PWNHC has over 75,000 objects in its holdings including archaeology, human history, natural history, and art. These collections were developed over the last 40 years, and (as is typical for museums) only a fraction of the material can be exhibited in the museum at one time. By providing online access to the collections in storage, the PWNHC is providing access to thousands of objects.
  • The art collection is the first phase of a multi-year project to put PWNHC’s holdings more accessible.
  • While not directly connected to the NWT Arts Strategy 2021-2031, this project supports the principles of the strategy to promote and celebrate NWT arts and artists.
  • In person tours of the collections area or in-person visits to look at specific objects in the collection can be arranged by contacting museum_collections@pwnhc.ca.


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