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How do you say ‘must’ in Inuvialuktun?

Hello my name is…

Below you can find a simple chart showing you how to introduce yourself in all the official Aboriginal languages of the Northwest Territories. The voices were compiled by the Aboriginal Languages Secretariat of the GNWT.

Chipewyan Ɂedlánet’e-a, sı sezı́ ______ súlye
Cree Tanisi, niwihowin ______
Gwich’in Dànch’ùh, ______ vìlzhìi
Inuinnaqtun Haluuqqagin, atira ______
Inuktitut Ainngai, uvanga ______ atira
Inuvialuktun Aaqana, atira ______
North Slavey Negha dágǫ́ht’e, ______ séredı
South Slavey Negha dágǫndı́h, ______ súzhe
Tłı̨chǫ Dàąt’e, sı̨ ______ sìyeh