Public Use Guidelines

Please read before booking your event.

  1. All activities being conducted in the PWNHC must abide by the NWT Human Rights Act, any group that is violation of this act will not be permitted to book spaces at the PWNHC. The Director of Culture and Heritage may refuse or allow the rental of public use areas where the Division’s own operational requirements warrant.
  2. Fire regulations must be followed with regards to capacity for each area.
  3. The PWNHC will not close galleries for private use during regular open hours. Occasional private, after hours opening of galleries may be permitted at additional cost. The use of galleries for events open to the public is at the Director’s discretion.
  4. Renters may not charge admission fees or sell tickets to any event (public or private) held at the PWNHC.
  5. Some basic audio, computer, and projection equipment is available as part of the rental; it must be operated by qualified personnel.
  6. No food or drinks (other than water) allowed outside the café area. Bottled water is permitted in the auditorium, but is supplied by the client who will also remove empties.
  7. The sale of items (such as CDs and books) must be approved by the Director of the PWNHC in advance.
  8. Client will not touch or move exhibits, any blocking or alterations to an exhibit must be negotiated with the booking coordinator in advance.
  9. Rental of the dining room is subject to the provisions of existing agreements with the lessee/operator of the restaurant. The lessee/operator will be given right of first refusal on all catering for events held at the PWNHC. The kitchen is not available for rental.
  10. No furniture from the dining room is to be moved outside of the dining room. Tables and chairs may be rearranged within the space, as long as it is put back in place at the end of the rental period. Tablecloths should be used for crafts and other “messy” activities.
  1. The license for the consumption of alcohol is held by the lessee/operator of the dining room. All arrangements for the service of alcohol must be arranged through the lessee/operator. No outside alcohol is allowed.
  2. The PWNHC will provide tables and chairs for rentals, but clients are responsible for setting furniture and putting furniture back as part of their rental.
  3. The PWNHC will be responsible for normal cleaning that is part of daily PWNHC operations. If cleaning after event is above and beyond normal maintenance cleaning, the client will be charged an additional fee of $250.
  4. Any decorations must be free-standing; nothing is to be attached to the walls or any part of the building including signage on front doors. No open flames or flowers/plants are allowed. Set up and dismantling of equipment or decorations must not disrupt public use of the PWNHC.
  5. No signage is to be affixed to the PWNHC doors. A white board stand is supplied for writing the name of the event and/or for attaching posters. Any additional signage that is to be on view during open hours must be approved by the Assistant Director.
  6. All recycling, supplies, décor and other items must be removed from the building at the end of the rental period. There is no storage available for use by rental clients.
  7. The client will do a final check of the rental space with the on-duty security guard to confirm Operational Guidelines have been followed. The room must be restored to its previous state and all material that was brought in must be removed.
  8. If filming is to be done as part of the rental, a media release form must be filled out with security. Further rules about filming are available upon request. *** Photography may be limited in some areas, details will be provided by booking manager.
  9. No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the PWNHC building.
  10. Clients will assume responsibility for their property and vehicles. The client will be held responsible for any damage to PWNHC building, collections, exhibitions and other facilities during the time of their rental. The host is responsible for the conduct and actions of the guests while they are in the Heritage Centre.
  11. It is recommended that the client purchase liability insurance covering the period of time and activities for which they are renting the PWNHC.

Clients will assume responsibility for their property and vehicles. The client shall be liable to the GNWT for any loss or damage to property or equipment that is supplied to or placed in the care, custody or control of the client for use in connection with their rental of the PWNHC facilities.  This includes any damage to the PWNHC building, collections, exhibitions, other facilities during the time of their rental. The host is responsible for the conduct and actions of the guests while they are in the Heritage Centre.