Educational Programs and Services

The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre offers a variety of school programs, edukits, resources, tours and online exhibits to schools in the Northwest Territories. Check out our list of programs, download the pamphlet, and call us at (867) 767-9347 x 71245 or via email at to book a visit to the museum.


Museum Education Programs and Services Catalogue [EN]

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Programmes et services éducatifs du musée [FR]

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School Programs
Travelling Exhibits

Travelling Exhibits


The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre has a variety of travelling exhibits to share with your community. These exhibits were developed by the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre to allow community residents access to the collections and resources of the Heritage Centre.

Currently there are ten travelling exhibits available for NWT communities. Most of the displays are made up of framed black and white or colour photographs. A brief description of the exhibits are provided below.

Being a venue for a travelling exhibit is easy. All that is needed is a secure public location and enough wall space to show the display for a period of two (2) months. All shipping and handling costs associated with the exhibits within the NWT will be paid for by the Heritage Centre.

How to make a booking

The schedule is made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact us for more information:

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Box 1320, Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9
Tel:(867) 767-9347 x 71245
Fax: (867) 873-0205

NWT Arts Council 30th Anniversary

Explore the artwork of over 200 artists and organizations who received Arts Council Funding from 1986-2016.
Includes photographs, films, music, and writing.

  • 1 stand alone ‘pop-up’ banner (32”x79”)
  • 1 iPad
  • books
Ice Age Bison Discovery: Our Frozen Past and Thawing Future

An interactive exhibit that delves into the past through the study of a steppe bison fossil discovered in Tsiigehtchic.

  • 2 pull-up banners
  • 1 iPad kiosk
Hunters of the Alpine Ice

An interactive exhibit that delves into the past through the study of human and caribou migration over the ice patches in the Selwyn Mountains of the Northwest Territories.

  • 1 tabletop trifold panel (size available upon request)
  • 1 iPad kiosk
Seasons of Beauty: René Fumoleau

A selection of archival photographs showing the beauty of life and the land through the four seasons.

  • 1 Wooden Crate (23 ½” x 27”)
  • 16 Framed Photos – (16 ½” x 20 ½” w/clips & wire hanging at back)
  • 1 Title Panel
Northern Architecture

Sketches and photographs illustrating examples of unique architecture in the NWT from the late 1800s to present day.

  • 1 Wooden Crate (19 ½” x 12”)
  • 9 Framed Photos – (20” x 16 ½” w/hanging wire at back)
  • 1 Title Panel
Travel Through Time

A collection of archival photographs of northern transportation, 1901 -1986. From ox-carts to airplanes, a wide variety of travel is illustrated in different northern regions.

  • 1 Wooden Crate (19 ½” x 12”)
  • 18 Framed Photos – (20” x 16 ½” w/hanging wire at back)
  • 1 Title Panel
A Century of Northern Children

An photographic exhibit featuring children from various communities across the NWT.

  • 1 Large Plastic Tub
  • 16 Framed Photos – (11” x 14”)
  • 1 Title Panel
Through a Gwich’in Lens: James Jerome Photographs

A collection of  photographs showing a vital part of traditional summer life for the Gwich’in, with captions in English & Gwich’in.

  • 2 Large Plywood Crates
  • 15 Framed Black and White Photos – (16” x 20”)
  • 4 Framed Text Panels in English & Gwich’in – (16” x 20”)
Yamǫǫ̀zha and His Beaver Wife: Archie Beaulieu Paintings

An exhibit of colourful paintings illustrating stories from a Tłı̨chǫ legend as told by Vital Thomas.

  • 3 Large Crates
  • 21 Colourful Paintings (27 ½” x 23 ½”)
  • 1 Title Plaque
Big River/Dehcho

Nautical charts of the Mackenzie River from Fort Providence to Tuktoyaktuk illustrated with a series of archival and contemporary photographs.

  • 1 tabletop kiosk
  • 1 map roller (2’ x 2’)

Artifacts for Loan

Artifacts for Loan

We have a large collection of touchable artifacts available for loan. A searchable catalogue can be browsed below. Items can be selected for print or export.

If you would like to borrow items from the PWNHC education collection, please contact to set up a user account.

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Online Resources

Online Resources

The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre has developed many online resources available to teachers and students. Below you’ll find a list of many of these resources. We encourage you to explore our entire site for tools that could assist you in your classroom.


Project-Based Learning: Historic Places, People and Events

This primer outlines the benefits of incorporating project-based techniques to teach social studies curricula at various grade levels. By providing an opportunity to study topics through projects that are meaningful to student’s backgrounds and experiences, teachers can enrich the classroom experience while creating avenues for self-expression and affirmation.


Project Based Learning

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Nationalism in the North Teacher’s Guide

The Nationalism in the North: Exploring Land Claims and Treaties with the Historical Timeline of the Northwest Territories Teacher’s Guide uses the new McGraw-Hill Ryerson (2008) texts (Exploring Nationalism and Understanding Nationalism) and the Oxford (2008) text (Perspectives on Nationalism) to ensure teachers of Social Studies 20-1 and 20-2 have a match with what they are required to teach, while incorporating examples of nationalism from northern history by using the Historical Timeline of the Northwest Territories and other tools.


Nationalism in the North Teacher’s Guide

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Oral Traditions Manual

The Oral Traditions Manual is a very useful tool for teachers and students interested in conducting oral history research and interviews. This detailed manual is available as a printable pdf download.


Oral Traditions Manual

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Virtual Exhibits

Within this section of our site, you’ll find in-depth explorations on many northern historical topics. Check out the Idaa Trail virtual journey, which includes a Teacher’s Guide download, the Historical Timeline of the Northwest Territories, and many other online exhibits.

Archival Database

Our Archival Database includes over 40,000 digital photographs from the collections of the NWT Archives, and many more records related to the holdings of the Archives. We encourage the use of the photo database as a research tool and for educational use in school projects and classroom lessons, subject to the inclusion of proper credit lines.

Online High Resolution Photo Gallery

Similar to our photo database, the high resolution photo gallery may be used for personal research and in school projects (again, subject to the inclusion of proper credit lines). The photo gallery consists of 2000 categorized high resolution images.

Heritage Fairs

Heritage Fairs

Heritage Fairs present opportunities for students to engage in learning about persons, places, events and traditions of the Northwest Territories and/or Canadian history, culture & heritage.

Heritage Fairs in the NWT are coordinated by the NWT Heritage Fairs Society and supported by the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and Department of Education, Culture and Employment of the Government of the Northwest Territories.



Monique Marinier,
NWT Heritage Fairs President,
NWT Heritage Fairs Society
(867) 873-5814
(867) 446-6757